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The Collaborate & Dream Series: Chad Manzo (SOLD OUT)


Welcome to the fourth installment of the "Collaborate & Dream" series. In this edition I teamed up with the talented Chad Manzo, owner of Scars clothing. We both are sci-fi nerds & hardcore gamers, so our brainstorming sessions turned into this epic Star Wars & Zelda inspired shirt. Only a LIMITED run of 36 shirts were printed!

In a kitchen far, far, away...

Lurks a devilish cupcake that does not want to be frosted. Our hero, Carlos J. EasyBake, is faced with the task of using his trusted spatula to take down "Darth Caker" once & for all!

*This an exclusive presale for friends, family, & fellow dreamers! The shirts go on sale to the public on New Years Eve!


Sizing Info:

-Printed on American Apparel unisex t-shirts (comfy & stylish).

-Wash in cold water inside out & hang dry (tumble dry low to shrink).

*Personalized thank you notes & stickers come with every order!

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Sold Out