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The Collaborate & Dream Series: Yema Yema (SOLD OUT)


It is my great pleasure to present the sixth installment of the "Collaborate & Dream" series.

The artistic mind who brought this shirt to life is none other than the talented Yema. She is a mother and a full-time graphic designer/illustrator. I had the pleasure of meeting her through my network of t-shirt buddies and I am forever grateful. Yema's style is fun and youthful, which is why we get along so well. Ever since I started baking under Oven Fresh Dreams, I have felt very "alive" and working with Yema took that feeling a notch further. The art of baking is similar to designing because it allows you to make your dreams into a delicious looking reality!

-Printed on American Apparel unisex t-shirts (comfy & stylish).

-Wash in cold water inside out & hang dry (tumble dry low to shrink).

*Personalized thank you notes & surprise goodies come with every order!

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--> Exclusively with Yema's release:
-random orders will include a handmade clay chocolate chip cookie keychain or magnet baked (literally) by Gabbi Kosei:

Sold Out