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The Collaborate & Dream Series: Paul Granese

Image of The Collaborate & Dream Series: Paul Granese


After keeping this a secret for a few months, the second print of "Collaborate & Dream" project is here.

This poster pays homage to psychedelic rock and late night munchies. Donuts have always been one of my favorite comfort sweets - making them is twice as good. Whether it is the perfect yeast donut or a dense cake donut when paired with frosting you can not go wrong - Paul Granese agrees!

Paul is the mastermind behind, Candy Giant and is a freelance graphic designer based out of Pennsylvania. He as a way with what I consider artistic "magic realism". The slightly warped details and bright colors blend together making this stand out print.

Whether I am in the kitchen or Paul is up late drawing, we crave donuts more often than the average person.


-Printed on 11x17 matte paper.

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