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The Collaborate & Dream Series: Reuben Levi/Grits Apparel (SOLD OUT)


The wait is over for the third installment of the "Collaborate & Dream" series. This release is code named "Gritty Dreams" & is being in released in TWO colorways. My NYC edition showcases the Knicks iconic colors: orange & blue. Levi's HOU edition will feature the Oilers colorways: red & blue.

So how did it all begin....

Levi (GRITS designer & owner) & I have been good friends for several months now. We met through mutual friends while I living in Houston. We instantly gained respect for each other during one of my weekly dinner parties. The "Gritty Dreams" collaboration shows the connection between the New York City & Houston lifestyles. It also symbolizes the bond I made with Levi & Houston. We are both dreamers, who know how to keep it trill & you can too!

-Printed on Alstyle unisex t-shirts (comfy & stylish).

-Wash in cold water inside out & hang dry (tumble dry low to shrink).

*Personalized thank you notes & surprise goodies come with every order!

-For the latest news on projects:

--> Exclusively in the "Gritty Dreams" package:
-one of a kind zine (mini magazine) included with fun filled stuff.

Sold Out